Welcome to the Atlanta, MO Volunteer Fire Department

Welcome to the Atlanta, MO Volunteer Fire Department

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Board Member Election is Tuesday, December 12, 2017.

On Tuesday, December 12, 2017 at 9 – 11:00 A.M. we will host an election to fill positions on the board at City Hall in Atlanta; we hope that you will participate. If you are interested in serving or have any questions, please contact Scott Landorf, Chair, at SLandorf@msn.com or (660) 239-4253.
Here is a listing of the individuals that are running for a board position on Dec 12th:
Scott R Landorf: Board member and past Chairman. Supports the AVFD by submitting grants from the Department of Conservation for the past 3 years. Obtained MFA oil Foundation grant for new garage doors. Worked with the Department of Conservation to obtain Stewart Stevenson 2.5 Ton 4 wheel drive military truck that was converted to brush truck with 600 gal. water. Would like to continue to be a board member to support the AVFD and the Fire Fighters to assist with improvements to the equipment and gear that the Fire Fighters need to support our fire district.
Brady Bogeart: I have been on the fire board for one year. In the last year I helped our fire department get local volunteers and assisted with updating our bylaws. I have been a part of this community my entire life and look forward to being on our local fire department board again. Thank You.
Mary Nay: My family and I moved to the area in 2013 from Colorado. We settled our roots in Atlanta in Feb 2014. I graduated from Colorado State University -Pueblo with a BSBA in Business Management. I also have an accounting background from Metro State University, Denver. I was the controller for a community bank in Colorado, the branch manager for US Bank in Kirksville for over 2 years, and currently work at Alliant Bank in Kirksville as the Cash Management Director. Previous experience includes 3 years as the treasurer on a nonprofit event board in Colorado.
Holt Landorf: I have been involved in the fire service for over four years, successfully completing all requirements and being certified by the state of Missouri as a firefighter. I worked full time for the Moberly fire department, in addition to serving as the assistant chief, and as the Chief of the Atlanta volunteer fire department. During that time the fire department has made great progress updating equipment without costing members any extra in dues. I have also taken an EMT class and respond in the area as a medical first responder in addition to pursuing a career in the law enforcement field. I would greatly appreciate your support running for fire board member so I can continue to serve the Atlanta community and continue to bring my first-hand knowledge to the Atlanta fire Department.

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Atlanta Volunteer Fire Dept. receives MFA Oil Foundation Grant

The MFA Oil Foundation has awarded a grant to the Atlanta Volunteer Fire Department to assist with purchasing 2 Garage door replacements.  The new doors will allow new, larger equipment to be stored at the station to better serve the fire safety needs of local communities.

“We appreciate the work of MFA Oil in assisting our small-town department in this way. These new doors will help us put equipment in the station that is currently stored offsite because of size. We also want to think our board chairman for processing the grant application,” said board member Aaron Baker. “Volunteer fire departments are only as strong as the folks that are serving them and we are proud to have a good program here in Atlanta.”

The MFA Oil Foundation provides support to nonprofit organizations that are working to improve communities where MFA oil has a significant concentration of members and employees. Since it was established in 1998, the MFA Oil Foundation has awarded more than one million dollars in grants.

MFA Oil President and CEO Mark Fenner described the MFA Oil Foundation as “a program that allows our company to give support back to the rural communities that are the foundation of our business. The grants the Foundation awards help support many youth programs and organizations active in addressing and solving community problems and improving the quality of life.”

About MFA Oil Company:

MFA Oil Company, formed in 1929, is a farmer-owned cooperative with more than 40,000 members. MFA Oil is one of the top ten propane companies in the United States. The company supplies fuels, lubricants and propane to customers in Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Indiana, Kentucky, Iowa, Colorado, Nebraska, North Carolina, Wyoming, Tennessee, Georgia, and Utah. Through a subsidiary, MFA Oil operates Break Time convenience stores in Missouri and Arkansas, Jiffy lube franchises in central Missouri and Big O Tires franchises in central Missouri and Arkansas.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Atlanta Fire Department to install new Tornado Siren

At their January 13, 2016 meeting, the board of directors for the Atlanta Volunteer Fire Department chose the bid provided by Storm Sirens, Inc. for a $20,000 storm siren project. A grant and loan package from USDA will help pay for the materials and installation. The department is partnering with the City of Atlanta to fund the remaining $9,000 of the total cost.

“We want to focus on the safety of those living in our community,” said Board Secretary Aaron Baker. “As part of this package, we are also working to install a remote alert system inside the school building. We appreciate the city’s partnership on this important upgrade for our area.”

At the same meeting, the board certified the election of Holt Landorf of rural Atlanta as the department’s fire chief. Mr. Landorf serves as a state-certified professional firefighter in Moberly and will help lead the department volunteers’ efforts in the coming year.

It was reported that 196 of the 239 members of the Atlanta Volunteer Fire Department had already paid their dues for the calendar year. So far, the department has 10 new members. An outreach effort last year netted 78 new members paying dues on an annual basis, which was a membership increase of more than 40%.

The board also authorized the purchase of a carbon monoxide detector as part of a campaign to educate the community on the importance of detectors inside homes and businesses in the area.

A matching grant from the Missouri Department awarded to the department was also discussed as well as improvements to the fire station and maintenance work to be completed on trucks.

To learn more about the Atlanta Volunteer Fire Department, visit goatlantafire.com or contact Aaron Baker, Board Secretary, at (660) 281-7777.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

A note from our Board of Directors

Our local Atlanta Volunteer Fire Department is working hard!

Instead of becoming a taxing district, we have worked to make sure all landowners in the area are asked to pay dues. Earlier this year, we sent 168 prospect letters to non-member landowners within our boundaries and received more than 70 new memberships grossing $3,170. Many of our newest members live outside of our area.

In 2014, our membership dues totaled around $7,700; we have increased our budget for member dues for next year by almost 50%. Estimated revenue for 2016 is now $18,000 and includes $1,500 quarterly payments from the city of Atlanta. We continue to have a great relationship with the city of Atlanta and appreciate their financial support.

We started the year with 160 members; only five have not paid their dues for 2015.

We have moved all members to annual payments and we thank everyone for bearing with us through prorated invoices, etc.

We are now debt free.

We want to thank our volunteers - without them, we could not do this work.

We are working on a grant application to bring a new tornado siren to our community. 

If you would like to help as a board member or a volunteer, please let us know!